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Checking and Repairing Car Suspension in Laval

At Pneus & Mécanique M.T.C, your safety is our priority. That's why, for 35 years, we have been offering you quality automotive services so you can hit the road in complete safety. Come to our garage to inspect, replace or repair your car suspension in Laval. Made up of many parts (springs, shocks...), the suspension supports your vehicle. It is recommended that you have regular inspections of your suspension, an essential component of your vehicle's general mechanics. You can count on our qualified and experienced team to check your suspension system and offer you the best solutions according to your needs.

Advice From Professionals

There are signs that indicate a suspension problem. Be especially attentive if:

  • Your vehicle has a wheel alignment problem

  • Your steering wheel responds poorly

  • Your tires wear out prematurely

  • You notice that your car is bouncing abnormally on the road

  • You hear abnormal noises when you drive on speed bumps

  • Your car has a slump in the front or rear of the car

  • You have difficulty controlling your vehicle in case of hard braking

If you notice any changes in the behaviour of your vehicle, it's time to ask one of our mechanics to inspect your suspension. Depending on its condition, we will adjust, repair or replace it. Contact us today if you have any questions or to book an appointment at our workshop!


Your Safety Is Priceless!

In all seasons, we offer you discounts and promotions.

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