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A Centre for Your Car's Air Conditioning Maintenance in Laval


Air conditioning is essential for cooling the interior of your vehicle. We often only realize how necessary car air conditioning is when summer arrives. It always seems to be hotter inside the car than outside! Without an efficient air conditioning system, the temperature can rise quickly. Your car's air conditioning system can lose 10% of its efficiency each year, reducing the cooling system's performance. For electric vehicles, this is essential, as the air conditioning cools the battery.

If your car's air conditioning system is no longer as efficient as it used to be, don't panic! The technicians at Pneus & Mécanique M.T.C. in Laval will make the necessary repairs to get your car's air conditioning system back up and running as soon as possible. Call us and get back on the road in style!

Unique Expertise

Our team is specialized in air conditioning. At Pneus & Mécanique M.T.C. in Laval, we offer you the following services:

  • Freon filling

  • Preventative maintenance

  • Repair

  • Sale and installation of new, reconditioned or used parts

You will enjoy your experience with us!

Why Maintain Your Car's Air Conditioning?

Air conditioning has become an essential element in the home as well as in the car. During the heat that can occur at any time during the summer, your car air conditioning must be functional and safe.

Negligence can lead to malfunction, but also to interior breakdowns that can be very costly. Therefore, it is important to perform the necessary checks and maintenance to save money in the long term.

Signs of Faulty Air Conditioning

There are several signs that the air conditioning system in your car is not working properly. For example:

  • Less Cooling
    Less cold air is drawn into the passenger compartment at a slower rate or in smaller quantities.

  • Smell
    When you switch on the air conditioning, a foul smell is produced.

  • Noises
    The air conditioning produces abnormal noises such as squeaking.

  • Excessive Humidity
    The windscreen fogs up excessively.

  • Consumption
    Your vehicle needs a lot more fuel.

Car Air Conditioning: A Complex System

Car air conditioning is an elaborate system consisting of several components. The lack of refrigerant in a car air conditioning system is the primary source of problems. It is therefore essential to inspect the system regularly to check for leaks. The refrigerant is a liquid refrigerant mixed with special oil to change from a liquid to a gas in a few moments, thus cooling the passenger compartment. As well as cooling the air in your car, the car air conditioner reduces humidity. 

It is essential to have an air conditioning system checked every 2 years (50,000 km) to avoid costly repairs when necessary maintenance is neglected. We are experienced in replacing air conditioning compressors and other parts of the automotive air conditioning system.

Call on Pneus & Mécanique M.T.C. in Laval

Trust our team to repair your vehicle's air conditioning in Laval. We are equipped to inspect, maintain and repair your car's air conditioning system to ensure your vehicle is running optimally. At Pneus & Mécanique M.T.C. in Laval, our specialists will advise you on your car's needs regarding tireswheel alignmentsuspensions or any other general mechanical problem. Don't hesitate to contact our team!


Trouble With Your Car?

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