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Everything for Your Car

Pneus & Mécanique M.T.C., Your Car Garage in Laval for 35 years

At Pneus & Mécanique M.T.C., we have been at your service for 35 years. Our team offers you automotive services to ensure pleasure, comfort and safety on the road. The general maintenance of your car is a passion for us. We know all about available mechanics. We also offer many specialized services.

Pneus & Mécanique M.T.C. is the maintenance centre par excellence for your vehicle. We are experienced, passionate and honest specialists. Over the years, our team has acquired an excellent reputation for the quality of our workmanship and work performed. Pneus & Mécanique M.T.C. is your trusted garage in Laval. Don't hesitate to call us or fill out our online form to request more information or obtain a free estimate.

For Cars of All Makes

At Pneus & Mécanique M.T.C., our team inspects your vehicle at several points: 

  • Shocks

  • Steering

  • Brakes

  • Suspension

We also take care of the maintenance of all fluids and electronic balancing.

Our Specialized Services in Laval

Pneus & Mécanique M.T.C. is your reference automotive garage in Laval. We are recognized for our expertise in several fields. From preventive maintenance to repairs and diagnostics, our team offers you personalized services for your car. If necessary, you can take advantage of a courtesy car while we take care of your vehicle.

General Mechanics

Do you need a tune-up for your vehicle? We are equipped with the latest technology to meet the needs of different brands of car mechanics. Our experts can advise you on brake maintenance or oil and fluid changes. Rely on our professionals for repairs on your vehicle. With our attention to detail, we carry out repairs of exceptional quality.

Air Conditioning

We repair and carry out maintenance, analysis and replacement of automotive air conditioning systems. In such an air conditioning system, the lack of refrigerant is the primary source of problems. It is essential to have an air conditioning system checked every 2 years. Contact us and get back on the road fresh! See the typical signs of a malfunctioning air conditioning system in a car.


We are your garage in Laval for a fast, professional and courteous tyre change or replacement. We sell, install and fit tires after a flat. We are a tyre retailer of many brands and sizes and offer an impressive variety of high-quality tires. Increase the durability of your tires and your safety with high-quality tires.


For better performance and durability of your tires, we advise you to have your wheel alignment checked at the beginning of each season to rebalance the wheels and avoid vibrations and premature or irregular wear of your tires. Moreover, in the event of a collision or after hitting an obstacle, it is recommended that you align your wheels. This is primarily for your safety on the road.


The suspension comprises many parts (shock absorbers, springs, etc.) and supports your vehicle. The car suspension keeps the car on the road, despite the unevenness of the terrain. Also, when cornering and accelerating or braking, the car suspension gives the vehicle flexibility and helps maintain its balance. Have your suspension inspected regularly.


Keeping your brakes in good condition is not just a legal requirement. It is for your safety and that of your passengers. Count on our technicians to ensure the proper functioning of your brakes. Additionally, brakes in excellent condition help extend the life of your vehicle. Reduce the risk of accidents by installing brakes that react quickly to unforeseen situations on the road!

Why Choose Pneus & Mécanique M.T.C., in Laval?

At Pneus & Mécanique M.T.C., we offer a full range of automotive garage services to vehicle owners in Laval. Our professional technicians have extensive mechanical experience and know how to handle a wide range of automotive services. 

Our standards of quality and service are very high. We will work with you with professionalism and integrity to provide justified repairs at a fair price. We aim to increase the value of your vehicle and optimize your safety in your vehicle.

The Benefits of Our Car Garage in Laval

  • 35 years of expertise

  • State-of-the-art equipment adapted to your vehicle

  • The guarantee of a competent staff 

  • Certified and continuously trained specialists

  • Conscientious and rigorous work

  • Environmentally responsible practices 

  • Exceptional value for money

A Company You Can Trust

Reliable and quality services at competitive prices that's what we offer you at Pneus & Mécanique M.T.C. Our team is always friendly and pays great attention to your every need.

Are you looking for a specialized automotive garage for your car in Laval? Trust a garage with 35 years of experience and listen to your needs. Contact us for a free estimate! See our Google reviews.

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Professional Affiliations

Atelier Service Xpert (ASX)

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